About Cadogan and Hall

I founded Cadogan and Hall in 2011 after I returned to live in Adelaide after spending the previous twenty-five years living abroad, primarily in the UK and China.

Many people have asked me about the name of the business, and to be honest the story is rather a silly one. I hadn’t given any thought to what the company should be called when it came time to register for an ABN, nor had I really any ideas about what I would be doing, beyond knowing that it had something to do with writing.

In haste, I quickly chose the surnames of two of my oldest friends (part of the problem was that there was already a well-established firm in Adelaide with Angus in the name) and that was that. I do like the name very much, although ‘Cadogan’ does seem to give people in Australia a bit of trouble in terms of pronunciation (for the record, it is pronounced Ca-dug-an).

Since 2011, I have to admit that I have been very pleased at the way the business has grown, as well as the increasing range of services I am now able to offer. I have moved well beyond my original idea of being entirely copywriting focussed (although this is still a large part of what I do), and I am proud to say that I have developed a pretty broad range of skills and expertise.

Content copywriting and online copywriters

So what do you get when you work with Cadogan and Hall?

First of all, I am confident that I bring a broad and varied range of online and digital marketing experience and social media copywriting services expertise to my work with Adelaide businesses and organisations of all types, and even a casual glance at my portfolio demonstrates a fairly diverse array of services and skills.

Furthermore, I like to think that I offer a standard of content copywriting expertise that will help your organisation to improve and diversify its communications. My aim is ways to write in a tone and style that works for the audience, the purpose and the media, which means you end up with precisely the sort of content that you need.

Finally, I write a lot, for a lot of people, and this means that I am a true professional — deadlines matter to me, meeting the specifications of the job matters to me, and ensuring that my clients get what they need matters to me.

Whether its website content, a blog post or SEO writing, or if you’re looking for editorial design, social media management or business writing, I am confident that I can provide the copywriting and marketing skills to showcase you in the manner your business deserves.

Contact me on 0452 205 213 or drop me an email if you’d like to talk more.

Mark Angus

Adelaide Copywriter, SEO and Website Content Writer

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