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Adelaide Editorial Design

Editorial design is about the effective combination of words and images. The purposes for which editorial design can be used are many and varied: brochures, flyers, posters, infographics, manuals and reports are just some of the ways in which design is used in marketing businesses and organisations.

The key to effective editorial design is that it exemplifies your brand and values, while at the same time serving the very practical purpose of conveying information in a memorable, immediate way.

I’ve created editorial design projects for a wide range of promotional and marketing projects and purposes, including newsletters, annual reports and email marketing campaigns, always with the aim of communicating clearly and imaginatively, and in a style that is right for the intended audience.

As part of the service I offer, I can undertake the copywriting for you (or incorporate your own text) and source and place images as well (or use your own photography).

Below you can see a very small sample of my editorial design projects (to see more, please visit the Cadogan and Hall Issuu page). I am happy to work with and build on your ideas and themes, or to develop concepts from scratch.

We've completed editorial design projects for: