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An email marketing campaign (also known as EDM marketing marketing or direct mail) involves creating emails that are sent to mailing lists of your customers, subscribers, or people who have made enquiries about your business or services.

Our digital ad design team can create and design direct email marketing campaigns that are suitable for mass distribution via email, or for specific segments of your mailing lists and database.

We can take responsibility for every aspect of your email marketing campaigns, including creating advertising concepts, content copywriting, emailer designs and sourcing/incorporating images. We can also take care of managing your database and distributing your emails.

In addition, in order to help you build your database and mailing list, we can  design sign up forms forms for your website, along with follow-up messages and campaigns that help to keep your subscribers engaged.

Below, you can see examples of email marketing campaigns that we have written and designed as part of a direct mail campaign.

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Digital and Email Marketing Campaigns

We run email marketing campaigns for: