How to Optimise Your Trade Website and Ensure Positive Reviews

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How to Optimise Your Trade Website and Ensure Positive Reviews

If you’re someone like me who — and it is very sad to confess this — is hopelessly inept when it comes to even the most straightforward task around the home, the need to be able to find a tradesman you can rely on can be quite pressing. It is even more important when you work from home like I do, as when things go wrong around the house, it can impact on my working day as well.

I have recently had some issues with the plumbing in my apartment — there was a high pitched whine coming from somewhere whenever I turned on the shower, and it began to happen when I turned on the hot water in the kitchen as well. It was clear I needed to call in professional assistance.

Most people will have typed plumber Adelaide or something similar into Google or another secure and been presented with pages of options. The question becomes who to choose and why, especially difficult if like me you have no expertise in plumbing or other types of handyman tasks.

What makes a tradie’s website effective?

What made this particular search somewhat unusual was that I was approaching the task both as a regular potential customer, but also as a website SEO content writer who helps businesses to get their websites on the front page of Google and other search engines. I also build websites and so am equally interested in effective, contemporary site design.

This meant as well as looking for a plumber to deal with my hot water issues, I was just as interested in seeing what constitutes the best website content in a highly competitive market.

I ignored the paid ads at the top of the search results, as I was more interested in the sites that emerged with the top ranking search results for my keywords — plumber Adelaide.

What I quickly discovered was that a number of themes in common emerged amongst the best plumber websites, and it began to be clear as to why these sites were being found on the first page of searches.

The best plumber Adelaide websites

Openness and transparency with regard to pricing are frequently emphasised, as is being a locally owned and operated business. Experience and the time in service are also commonly focussed on, as are flexibility, availability and the provision of 24/7 emergency services.

Call out fees and other costs are also prominent features on the Home pages of the most of the top sites for the keywords plumber Adelaide.

Therefore, with so many services and features in common on the top ranking websites, how did I eventually decide on the best Adelaide plumber for my needs?

How I chose an Adelaide plumber based on their website

After looking carefully at the websites on page 1 of Google for the keywords plumber Adelaide, I opted for Precise Plumbing & Electrical.

Firstly, there was a very practical consideration, in that I needed to have a LED downlight in the bathroom replaced as well, so I wanted a combined plumbing and electrical service.

However, there were also a number of marketing factors that influenced my decision as a consumer, some of which I have subsequently also attempted to use in my own SEO content writing and website design for Adelaide businesses. 

A lot of sites use icons to convey important and useful information quickly and efficiently, but too many sites make the mistake of using irrelevant icons, or not choosing the key messages. However, the way the icons are used on the Precise site succeeded in conveying to me two desirable features immediately — upfront pricing and no hidden costs.

What I also liked about the site was that reviews were front and centre. Digital recommendations are de rigueur in service industries — especially one that is as competitive as plumbing — and so if there are large numbers of positive reviews, as a consumer they are hard to ignore.

As well as the Home page, I explored the rest of the site. I found the FAQs and blog section to be quite informative, especially the blog on plumber jargon.

Would the service live up to the website promises?

However, I was still somewhat in the lap of the Gods. I felt confident I had made the right call, but the proof of the pudding would be in the eating — could they deliver on their promises?

I decided to fill in the contact form (I was searching in the evening, outside of working hours), and was pleased to receive an email reply straight away, saying that I would receive a call on the next working day.

This did occur, as promised, and an appointment was made at a time that worked for me. Even better, the plumber arrived at the agreed time and was extremely efficient and helpful. They also delivered on their promise of fixed pricing (per hour), so I managed to get both my plumbing and electrical issues dealt with during a single visit.

How follow ups will help to retain my loyalty

Given the prominence of customer reviews on the Precise website, and the large number of them, it was no surprise that I received a well designed and friendly follow up email, inviting me to leave a review, which I was more than happy to do.

Precise Plumbing Adelaide Review Cadogan and Hall

They have also been very proactive in fostering a positive relationship with me. I have received emails offering me a $50 discount if I booked an electrical or plumbing service during a given month, as well as offering me incentives if I were to refer a friend.

Cadogan and Hall Precise Electrical Adelaide Review
Precise Plumbing Adelaide Review Cadogan and Hall

Given the design and content of the website, the quality and friendliness of the service, and the positive approach to customer relations, I have no hesitation in recommending Precise Plumbing and Electrical, and will unquestionably call them the next time I require plumber Adelaide services. 

Precise Plumbing & Electrical Adelaide

100 – 102 Frederick Street
Welland, SA 5007

Phone: 08 8152 6780

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