How to Sell Yourself and Your Business

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How to Sell Yourself and Your Business

Often when I’m working with Adelaide businesses, I’ve found that the interview format is a very effective way of creating a more personalised and localised approach to marketing and promotion. It’s a really useful and effective way for business owners to express themselves, and it enables their clients to get to know them in way that a more ‘hand off’ approach might not. All the results seem to suggest that readers across a variety of platforms find it an engaging way to interact as well.

How to Conduct an Interview

The essence of a good interview is that it goes beyond products and services, and tries to convey something of your personality and how you like to do business. An interview also helps to raise your public profile—especially important if you’re working in a competitive market—so if you can let potential customers see the type of person you are, it enables them to connect with you and then perhaps choose you over one of your competitors, simply because they like how you sound! Personal photos too are a useful addition to an interview, as they help to give the reader a much clearer picture of just who you are—there’s nothing like putting a face to a name!

Additionally, you can utilise the interview format on a wide variety of platforms. They work well when posted on your Facebook or Google+ pages, for instance, while a carefully selected quote from an interview can make an intriguing Tweet that will encourage readers to explore further and read on.

Similarly, structuring your website’s About Us page in an interview format, or perhaps as a personal message, can also help as this gives readers a greater sense of engagement because it showcases your personalised approach to business.

Press releases are another format where the personal touch is effective—when you’re issuing a press release, direct quotes give the reader some increased insight into your business thinking and strategies, while at the same time raising and enhancing your own personal public profile. Conveying your excitement about a new product or service that you are offering is vital, and so a good press release will always seek to convey this, and show the public how much you love your work and want to share it.

Let Your Customers Get to Know You

So don’t be afraid of getting up close and personal with your customers. When you’re trying to convey the essence of your business, or you’re trying to convince them why they should choose you over another, why not make the most of one of your greatest assets—yourself!

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