• Adelaide Editor and Proofreader : Directions Coaching

Directions Coaching

Diana Hutchinson is a life coach and counsellor at Directions Coaching in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. I have worked with Diana for the last couple of years, doing a variety of work for her, including writing website content for her business site and some different copywriting work.

In addition, I undertook the editing and proofreading of Diana’s book Setting Yourself Free: A Practical Guide to Self-Change which was published in 2015.

Adelaide Editing and Proofreading : Directions Coaching

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Project Details

  • Name : Directions Coaching
  • Location : Tranmere, SA
  • Industry : Coaching and counselling
  • Services : Copywriting : Editing : Proofreading : Website Content
  • Website : https://www.dianahutchison.com